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About Rosacea
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Let's take a closer look at your rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition of the face that affects over 3 million Canadians

The impact of rosacea goes further than skin deep and can affect your quality of life on a daily basis

Characterized by facial redness commonly appearing on the cheeks and nose, tiny blood vessels may also be visible on your neck and forehead which can appear inflamed with bumps and pimples

With similar symptoms, rosacea can often be mistaken for acne. Download our rosacea vs acne fact sheet to identify your symptoms

Could these bumps and blemishes be rosacea? factsheet

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

Rosacea is progressive skin condition, and if your symptoms are not managed, they can worsen over time

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Could those bumps and blemishes be rosacea

Signs & symptoms

  • 46% of Canadian rosacea sufferers have been living with at least one of its common symptoms for over 10 years

  • Common triggers include sun exposure, stress, and certain foods

Get the personal treatment you need

Every case of rosacea is personal to the sufferer

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Understanding your triggers

What does rosacea look like?

Rosacea shows up differently on everyone. Some people display just one symptom, while others show multiple

These are the most common symptoms to look out for:

  • Bumps and blemishes that resemble acne
  • Tendency to blush or flush easily
  • Persistent facial redness
  • Small visible blood vessels
  • Facial discomfort, burning or stinging sensation
  • Burning, itching, or watery eyes and/or swollen eyelids
  • Thickening skin on the nose, cheeks, and/or forehead
Understanding your triggers

What triggers it?

Rosacea can be triggered by a variety of factors. It’s different from person to person. Identifying your triggers will help you avoid them

Here’s a list of the most common rosacea triggers:

Identify your triggers factsheet
What triggers

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