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Rosacea Community
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Join our online community today and connect with other Canadians living with rosacea

There is a growing online community of people with rosacea to offer support and advice on minimizing symptoms, tips and tricks on handling rosacea and ways to identify specific triggers to help you on your journey to aim for clear.

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Join the conversation and be part of the rosacea movement in Canada.

Rosacea Awareness Month 2022 - Rosacea Space

This Rosacea Awareness Month (April), we are inviting the rosacea community, their friends and family to illustrate what rosacea means to them by submitting art, photographs, selfies, poetry, music, videos and even letters to Rosacea Space*

Visit Rosacea Space today, immerse yourselves in the rosacea community’s creative submissions and let’s #FaceUpToRosacea together.

Please note, all submissions will be reviewed in advance of sharing on Rosacea Space to ensure content is appropriate for viewing. The content must be original to you and not include any content owned by a third party or entity. Any photographs or selfies must have the permission of the subject prior to uploading. Terms and conditions apply.



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